At the PITT Computational Social Science Lab (PICSO LAB), we are working toward understanding citizen activities, interactions and relationships, and their sensemaking processes. Our studies use large-scale behavioral and network data as well as computational approaches including network and text mining, and data visualization.

Our research mission is to use big data in the service of humanity, through developing new methodologies to collect, mine and utilize information to support collective sensemaking in real time and in response to societal events, including especially, disasters.

The Principal Investigator, Yu-Ru Lin, Assistant Professor at the School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh, started this group at 2013. She is a computer scientist by training, with research interests include data science, visualization, and computational social science.

Lab News

  • 2017/11 Code release -- MTHL (Multi-view Time-Series Hypersphere Learning) for detecting anomalous patterns from dynamic and multi-attributed networks. Check out the github page and our paper!
  • 2017/10 Our studies (about fear & distress) were cited by an article in Las Vegas Sun to explain how the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas could trigger many's lasting emotional reactions regardless of where they live.
  • 2017/09 Congratulations to Xian for receiving travel awards from NSF/SIGWEB/SIGIR to attend CIKM 2017!
  • 2017/05 Congratulations to Xidao Wen for successfully defending his dissertation proposal!
More Updates