Principal Investigator

Yu-Ru Lin

Associate Professor at the School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh. She is a computer scientist by training, with research interests include data science, visualization, and computational social science. She has worked extensively on computational methodologies for mining, analyzing and visualizing large-scale, time-varying, heterogeneous, multi-relational, and semi-structured data. Her current research focuses on tracking and modeling collective behavior from big data sets, including data from social media and sensing technologies, for understanding human and social dynamics, particularly under exogenous events including disasters.


Rebecca Hwa

Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh. Her recent research focuses on understanding persuasion from a computational linguistics perspective. Some of her recent projects include: modeling student behaviors in revising argumentative essays, identifying symbolisms in visual rhetorics, and understanding idiomatic expressions. Dr Hwa is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award. Her work has also been supported by NIH and DARPA.

Wen-Ting Chung

Research assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Her primary interests include how individual beings negotiate and transform the self and boundaries with others, while facing cultural transitions, societal reforms, and unexpected life happenings. She is an Educational psychologist by training; methodologically, she enjoys transdisciplinary approach, uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, but is mostly interested in discourse and narrative analysis.

Malihe Alikhani

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the School of Computing and Information. Her primary research interests are in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science with broader interests in Computational Social Sciences. Her recent work has focused on modeling deception, polarization, and coordination in communication.

Postdoc Research Fellows

Mert Ertugrul

PhD in Computer Science
Research: data science, machine learning, spatiotemporal modeling

Xidao Wen

PhD in Information Science
Research: interpretable data mining, event analytics

PhD Students

Xian Teng

PhD Student in Information Science
Research: anomaly detection, dynamic networks, temporal process modeling

Ang Li

Affiliated PhD Student in Information Science
Research: social computing, online user behaviors

Yongsu Ahn

PhD Student in Information Science
Research: visual analytics, fair and explainable AI, interactive machine learning

Muheng Yan

PhD Student in Information Science
Research: machine learning, social network analysis, community dynamics

Alumni & Former Collaborating Students

Ju Yeon Park

Lecturer, University of Essex, UK     

Claudia Lopez

Academic instructor, UTFSM, Chile     

Shaghayegh Sahebi (Sherry)

Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany     

Patrick Duddas

Faculty Research Associate, Applied Research Lab, Penn State University

Mengdi Wang

Ph.D student in Intelligent Systems        

Xingsheng He

Data Scientist, Taobao, Inc.              

Kai Wei

Language Engineer,, Inc.     

Saeed Javadi

Ph.D student in Information Science     

Yihang Lu

Ph.D student at Arizona State University     

Di Jin

Ph.D student at University of Michigan     

Daheng Wang

Ph.D student at University of Notre Dame     

Ruoxuan Cheng

Data Analyst at ShipMatrix